Steamed Rockfish with Kale Raabs and Rice.

Normally we pan-roast local rockfish, but were changing it up this time. Steaming has two advantages: it showcases the natural flavors of the ingredient, and it cooks the ingredient gently. The aromatics - white wine and garlic - round out the flavor while the small amount of butter gives the dish just a bit of richness. Test the fish for doneness by flaking the flesh; it’s ready when it just begins to flake apart.

Roasted Chicken with Creamy Potato Salad. 

Ok, take a deep breath, and don’t worry because it’ll be fine. We’re going to make a quick mayonnaise to dress our potato salad. It helps to have your egg at room temp, so pull it from the fridge right at the start (to speed things up, I sometimes put the whole egg in a bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes). Remember to dribble the oil in very slowly at first; once the emulsion is established you can pour a little more quickly. The egg is coming from Lazy Creek Farm, practically across the street from Melville Farms, the source of our chicken. A small handful of baby mustard greens, including my favorite Ruby Streaks, adds piquancy to the potato salad.

Classic Pasta Alfredo with A Simple Salad.

In our second classical cooking technique of the week, we’ll be making another emulsion, this time of butter and starchy pasta water. A true Alfredo (al burro in Italian) does not include cream; the creaminess of the dish comes from the pasta starches in the cooking water joining forces with butter and aged parm. Just remember to pull your pasta off the heat before adding the cheese, to avoid clumps. On the side we’ll have a simple salad of beautiful tender greens from Fred’s Homegrown Produce in Naselle, WA.