Our weekly meal kit is a service designed to make it easy to eat fresh and local food at home. Each week you receive only the freshest produce, fish, meat, and pantry items, sourced exclusively from local producers. With these ingredients you'll find easy-to-follow recipes for simple and delicious meals. The ingredients are portioned to the specifications of the recipes, so there's no danger of waste and no wasted time.

One fundamental difference between Alimento and other meal kit services is that the food is locally sourced from small-scale producers of the northern Oregon and southern Washington coast. This means it is closer to harvest in both time and space; you know where your food is coming from; the overall ecological footprint is far smaller; it strengthens our local economy; and it just makes sense in a fundamental way to eat the food that grows around us.

All of the produce is grown in a manner that meets (and often far exceeds) the dictates of organic growing. However, many small farmers cannot afford the time and expense of the certification process. All of the meat provided is raised humanely, and the fish caught sustainably. These values are fundamental to real food, and are never compromised.

Another aspect of Alimento's modest ecological footprint is in the packing materials: we use 95% re-usable packaging in our weekly meal kits. For you it's as simple as cooking your meals and storing the rinsed and sealed empty containers in your grocery bag for return or pick-up the following week.

With Alimento you'll also find meal components that showcase some of the techniques that typify the cooking of Andrew Catalano; fresh pastas, ferments, pickles, sauces, and much more make appearances in weekly meal kits. These components both add immediate flavor to a dish and save prep time for the home cook.


Local Freshness

Every Friday afternoon!