Can I choose how much food I am getting?

The standard meal kit includes 3 different meals, each with 2 portions. Please contact us about possible alternatives.

Can I select which meals I receive?

The weekly menu is planned days in advance, so there cannot be major subsitutions. However, minor adjustments are accommodated whenever possible.


I don't eat much meat. Can I substitute more veggie or fish options?

We are happy to personalize every meal kit as much as we are able to, given the contraints of ordering and food cost.


Can I change my delivery day?

At this time, Friday is the only available delivery day. This is due to farmers' harvest schedules and the limited local distribution network. We want to get the food to you as fresh as possible within the current system.

What's with the containers?

Alimento uses nearly all re-usable packaging. We know it's a lot to ask, but your help in rinsing, sealing, and storing the empty containers for pick-up makes this possible. Just imaging all the plastic that's not going in the trash each week!